Must-watch November Netflix for the Middle Ages

I am not sure about you but I enjoy a good middle age telling and depiction. There’s just something about the time period that yields exploration, wonder, and uncertainty that is so entertaining. Kings, Queens, sometimes witches, goblins, ghouls, and all the whimsical fairytales that are taken out of context. These are the films that I have hand selected that you likely have already seen, and if any of them you haven’t thee shouldst asketh f’r f’rgiveness.

The King

The King featuring a performance like no other. King Henry the IV is on his death bed and his estranged son is called to throne after his younger brother seeks valor in his sacrifice on the field.

This film struck me as being a overlooked fantastic craft of cinema. I deeply appreciate any film that embodies that feeling of realism without the sacrifice of entertainment value. I’m sure there are historians ripping it to shreds somewhere, but the attention to detail and tasteful use of seemingly minimal special effects; this film is a new generation Braveheart. Bold statement, I know. It is too often, we see fantastic drama without the battles and glory or we get all battles and no drama, strife, conflict. This film truly has it all and performs it so well you will be immersed. When watching I felt the pain, the anger, the tough decisions.

The King excels at telling the story equally as well as it playing out the relationships, connections, and warfare. It was also an extraordinary breath of fresh air to see a film not force feed some extremely far out modern injection of politics with needless forced out of place roles that don’t do anyone justice.

Needless to say, The King has an excellent cast, top notch acting with convincingly real and physical warfare and excellent writing, directing and production. If you skip this film, you are certainly are missing out on a masterpiece performance not seen for decades in the genre as a matter of opinion.

king Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur is not your typical beat of a middle age film. While it has the serious tone of turmoil, heartache, death and loss, it remains playful and unconventional.

This film might not be to the taste of those who can’t appreciate a good cheesy but highly entertaining and new take on old stories. I appreciated more regarding visuals, cinematography, and action than anything surrounding the plot or the acting. Nonetheless, you need to witness this film for it’s appreciation to details and offbeat sequences, there’s tons to appreciate even if it is an overdone concept movie.


Gladiator is an absolute must see for all generations with award winning acting, directing, writing, etc. Nothing need be said, if you haven’t seen Gladiator, I don’t know what you are doing.

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